MonoDerma E5 Pure Vitamin E in Monodoses 28 caps


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MonoDerma E5 Pure Vitamin E in Monodoses 28 caps

MonoDerma E5 Pure Vitamin E in Monodoses 28 caps 

Vitamin E is an essential and indispensable nutrient for various functions of the skin. Due to excessive production of free radicals, the skin becomes exposed to numerous types of oxidative stress, brought about by various extrinsic and intrinsic causes.

The natural source of Vitamin E ensures strong antioxidant action, counteracting the damage caused by free radicals, while at the same time providing moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and emollient action.

Topical application of Vitamin Ε:

• Protects against damage due to overexposure to light (sun, UV lamps)

• Counteracts the action of free radicals (attacks by cold & smog)

• Prevents fine lines and expression lines

• Soothing and moisturizing effect on sensitive and dry skin

• Emollient and moisturizing effect for sensitive, reddened skin

• Suitable in cases of atopic dermatitis

• Ideal for post-aesthetic therapy treatment

The technological innovation of the Monodose® incorporated byMONODERMA® E5 releases pure Vitamin E to the skin. In fact, each Monodose® contains pure Vitamin E incorporated into microcells and released gradually over time, ensuring a long-lasting effect. Thanks to this unique formula, each Monodose® contains only pure Vitamin E, free from preservatives, thus providing maximum efficacy and safety even for the most sensitive skin.

How to Use:

Apply one monodose on clean skin, preferably at night.



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