Synchroline Terproline EGF Face Cream 30ml



Synchroline Terproline EGF Face Cream 30ml

Synchroline Terproline EGF Face Cream 30ml is the latest product from General Topics laboratories’. It is a pleasant, innovative and effective oil-in-water emulsion specifically designed for improving the aesthetic appearance of facial skin characterized by loss of elasticity where a specific regenerating action is needed. It removes damaged skin cells, stimulates cellular differentiation and therefore promotes the regeneration of newer and younger epidermis. It improves skin elasticity while exerting a smoothing effect. Its use is recommended for improving the conditions of hypoelastic and aged skin as well as improving and maintaining the skin’s elastic condition after various interventions such as chemical peeling, laser treatments and dermoabrasion (starting 30 days after the clinical intervention and following treatment with Terproline face cream).

How to Use:

Apply twice daily on face and neck.


Epidermal grow factor, asiatic and madecassic heterosides, proline linoleate, fibronectine glycopeptides, hyaluronic acid, saccharide isomerate, ceramides and cholesterol.



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Weight50 g


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