Synchroline Terproline Face Cream 50ml



Synchroline Terproline Face Cream 50ml

Synchroline Terproline Face Cream has Oleosomes Technology

Face Cream Elasticising – Firming

Daily use firming cream for the face and neck that visibly improves and preserves the skin’s elasticity and tone while exerting a marked hydrating effect. It significantly lifts and contours the sagging face and restores radiant youthful beauty. Ideal for protecting and improving the skin condition before and after interventions such as blepharoplasty, chemical peeling and laser resurfacing. Ideal also for the prevention of wrinkles caused by a loss of skin tone and elasticity or due to slimming diets.

How to Use:

Apply twice daily on the face and neck.


Asiatic and madecassic heterosides, acetylglucosamine, proline linoleate, fibronectine glycopeptides, hyaluronic acid, saccharide isomerate, soya proteins, ceramides, cholesterol.



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